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Are there lessons every day?

Most schools offer lessons, Monday to Friday and are closed at the weekend.

Can I start my course on a day other than Monday?

Most schools only allow Monday starts. Courses are usually designed as blocks running from Monday to Friday. There are now a lot of cheap airlines offering cheap flight during the week, which can save a lot of money. .

How long is a lesson?

This depends on the school. Schools may quote their lessons in lengths of 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 minutes. This can be very confusing. To compare different school in an objective way, we suggest you do a simple calculation of the total weekly teaching time in minutes:

BEWARE: Some schools may quote a lesson as (e.g.) 60 minutes, but include a break of (e.g.) 5 minutes, i.e. the teaching time per lesson would be 55 minutes not 60.

How many lessons a week should I do?

This will largely depend on your own preferences. Many short term students will do an "intensive course" that is usually about 30 lessons per week. Your rate of progress will be related to the weekly number of lessons.

What happens if there is a public holiday in the week?

This depends on the school:

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Normally schools will issue an Attendance Certificate at the end of your course. They may however have a rule that you must have attended at least (e.g.) 80% of the lessons to get a certificate.

How is my level assessed?

Most schools will give you are written and a spoken test on the first day, and then decide which is the right level class for you.

How many levels are available?

Most schools will offer at least 5 or 6 levels for General English, but we know one school that offer 12 levels. For more specialised courses, there will be fewer levels. For business English a school might only offer 2 levels, and require a minimum level (e.g. intermediate).

What happens if when my level is tested it is not sufficient for a specific course (e.g. Business or CAE Exam Preparation)?

Normally if your level is too low for e.g. a business course you will be placed in a General English course. If you booked a CAE course then you might be placed the FCE course. However, exaxtly what will occur willl depend on the school and which courses are available.

Can I set the cost of my course off tax?

This will depend on your country's tax laws. Please consult your tax office.

Can I do an exam at the end of my course?

If you would like to do an exam at the end of your stay you should consider very carefully (1) which exam and (2) how much preparation you need to do for the exam. Please click here for exam preparation course information.